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Discover all the great perks associated with each subscription. Each subscription gives you the Luxe Box Experience with safe quality ingredients.

which subscription Is right for you?

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  • Essential Box

    Every month
    ideal for one person
    • choice of any two bar soaps or one body wash
    • choice of any one body lotion or feminine hygiene product
  • Deluxe Box

    Every month
    ideal for 2-3 people
    • choice of any four bar soaps or two body washes
    • choice of any two body lotions or feminine hygiene products
    • choice of any luxury body butter or whipped shea butter
    • choice of any toothpaste
  • Luxe Box

    Every month
    ideal for a house full of self care indulgence
    • choice of any five bar soaps or three body washes
    • choice of any three lotions or three feminine products
    • choice of any 2 luxury body butters or whipped shea butter
    • choice of any 2 toothpastes

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