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The Luxe Box was created to empower women by providing high quality plant based products. I believe that good hygiene can increase confidence in all women. I wanted to create a product line women can trust and feel safe to use on their intimate parts. I have dealt with my own personal struggles and know what its like when your "Luxe Box" is just not right. Through proper research and product testing I made a line that will solve problems and help women. Feel good knowing that all of our products are cruelty free and recyclable.  After being in business for a  few years I have made connections with other trusted brands that have high quality plant based ingredients. I felt that these other hygiene brands would work cohesively with my brand to offer subscription boxes. My experience as an esthetician guides my selection process by being aware of ingredients that work well with the skin, our biggest organ. With so many deadly chemicals and harmful additives we are exposed to in our environment feel a sense of relief knowing that by subscribing to The Luxe Box you have quality ingredients every time. Luxe Yourself.

Amina Marcelin

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